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  • "After visiting many sunglass displays websites I decided to order from your company.  I ordered one of your rotating sunglass displays.  I thought it would take a long time to arrive but you shipped it the same day I placed the order and I received it the same week.  I already have some sunglasses from other suppliers but will be ordering from you in the near future."
    Mike D.
    Jacksonville, FL
  • "I ordered many different styles of sunglasses from and have found them to be very good quality.  I understand these sunglasses are sold in bulk and can have quality problems but have not found any major issues with them.  The aviator sunglasses have been great sellers for me.  Keep up the great work guys!"
    Kevin B.
    Chicago, Illinois


  • What I love about WDS is their customer service! Yaknow that “Live Chat” button? Well I swear, they have some of the nicest agents! The first time I ordered from WDS, the lady went out of her way to show me which sunglasses were big sellers, & helped me work out how to get the most out of my investment! I felt like she was on my team! I won’t order my wholesale sunglasses anywhere else!
    Katelyn J.
    L.A. California



  • I sell sunglasses at Saturday Markets, as a rookie I suffered the unreliable wholesale suppliers, until a friend suggested I try WDS. Great advice!! WDS helped me to better understand my potential customer base & even gave me great tips on how to set up my products. They have very cost effective sunglass displays that really did increase my sales, best of all they are so dependable! 

    Miami, Florida

  • Any apparel retailer knows how hard it is to anticipate what will be “IN” this season, that’s why I love WDS! I was unsure about which styles to stock but when I called to place my order, their rep. suggested I go with the classic Wayfarer Sunglasses, seems they are always in style. She was right! I just placed my second order! Thanks so much WDS!!

    New York, NY

  • When I placed my order with WDS I was surprised how quickly I received my shipment. When I've ordered from other wholesale sunglass companies it seemed that I was waiting forever for my order, but not with you guys! Living outside the US, it can be difficult ordering & receiving, which is why I'm very happy with WDS. Keep up the great work!!
    ~Hose G.
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Sunglass Accessories
   DE Designer Eyewear Hard Cases 0066
   Micro Fiber Bags 0074
   Xsportz Micro Fiber Bags 0048
   Sunglass Hard Cases AC3014

  Display Stands
   Sunglass Display 7003
   Folding Diamond Eyewear Sunglass Display Tray 7065
   Sunglass Display 7051
   Goggle Display Stand 7062

  Eyewear Retainers
   Sunglass Floater Straps 0057
   Sunglass Cords AC3010
   Sunglass Straps 0072-33
   Sunglass Visor Clips with Solid Colors 0059

  Sunglass Cases
   Sunglass Hard Cases AC3014
   Micro Fiber Bags 0073
   Sunglass Soft Cases 0064
   Sunglass Hard Cases 0077

 Sunglass Display 7050
 Sunglass Display 7051
 Sunglass Soft Cases 0064
 Sunglass Display 7047White

Package Deals
  Sample Packs
   Wholesale Kids Sunglasses Sample Pack SPK1
   Wholesale Sunglasses Sample Pack SPA1

  Starter Packs
   15 Dozen Sunglasses Assorted Styles SPA5
   25 Dozen Sunglasses Sample Pack SPA6
   5 Dozen Rhinestone Sunglasses Sample Pack SPA44
   1 Sunglass Rack 7039 & 36 pair Sunglasses Sample Pack SPA3

  Sunglasses Readers
  Camo Sunglasses
   Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses 6108
   Xsportz Style XS7004
   Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses 6093
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 6087

  Flashing Sunglasses
   Flashing Sunglasses P1057
   Flashing Sunglasses P1055

  Wholesale Caps
   "Elephant with Long Arms" Wholesale Cap A116
   "Native Pride-Snake Dance" Wholesale Cap C5195
   "White Tiger with Long Arms" Wholesale Cap A112
   "Wolf with Long Arms" Wholesale Cap A110

  Xsportz Sunglasses
   Xsportz Sport Style XS11817
   Xsportz Style XS540
   Xsportz Style XS7008
   Xsportz Style XS613

  View All Sunglasses
   Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses 801
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 8043
   Xsportz Style XS96
   Xsportz Style XS73

  Sports Sunglasses
   Xsportz Style Polarized XS118
   Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses 8095
   Xsportz Style XS73
   Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses 5722

  Sponge Cushion
   Wholesale Discount Goggles G321
   Xsportz Style XS82
   Xsportz Style XS616
   Wholesale Discount Goggles G221

  Shutter Shades
   Wholesale Party Glasses P1052
   Shutter Shades 560SS
   Shutter Shades 506
   Shutter Shades 21611

  California Classic Sunglasses
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 881
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 8163
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 8188
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 9029

  Diamond Eyewear
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI153
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI527
   Diamond Eyewear Sunglasses DI517
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI149

  Vintage Sunglasses
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI156
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI139
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI137
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 26412

  Zombie Eyes
   Zombie Eyes Style Z1005
   Zombie Eyes Style Z1006
   Zombie Eyes Style Z1015
   Zombie Eyes Style Z1012

  Clear Lens Sunglasses
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 847
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 8005
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 8202
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE5085

  Safety Glasses
   Wholesale Safety Glasses S107
   Wholesale Safety Glasses S115
   Wholesale Safety Glasses S101
   Wholesale Safety Glasses S120

  Party Glasses
   Wholesale Party Glasses P1018
   Shutter Shades 21712
   Wholesale Party Glasses P1036
   Wholesale Party Glasses P1037

  Wholesale Lighters
   Assorted "Marijuana" Wholesale Lighters L100
   "MaryJane" Theme Wholesale Lighters L169
   Assorted "Casino Fun" Wholesale Lighters L136
   Assorted American Legend Wholesale Lighters L174

  Cat Eye Sunglasses
   Wholesale Mirrored Women Sunglasses 6146
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE154
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI6013
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE142

  Fleur de Lis Sunglasses
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 36616

  $8-$10 / Dozen Sunglasses
   Wholesale Party Glasses P1021
   Wholesale Party Glasses P1035
   Wholesale Discount Glasses 697
   Wholesale Party Glasses P1047

  Rhinestone Sunglasses
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 8010
   Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses 6113
   Diamond Eyewear Sunglasses DI504
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI140

  Revo Lens
   Xsportz Style XS618
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 867
   Xsportz Style XS503
   Xsportz Style XS504

  Glass Lens
  Gemstone Sunglasses
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI154
   Diamond Eyewear Sunglasses DI6017
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI126
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI607

   Xsportz Style XS561
   Xsportz Style XS95
   Xsportz Style XS111
   Xsportz Style XS47

  Sunglasses Over Glasses
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses Over Glasses 29213
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 26713
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses Over Glasses 1414

  Fashion Sunglasses
   Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses 677
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE5097
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 9010
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE87

  DE Designer Eyewear
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE5023
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE5045
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE5060
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE146

  Clip Ons
   Wholesale Polarized Clip On Sunglasses 8268
   Wholesale Polarized Clip On Sunglasses 8269
   Wholesale Polarized Clip On Style 8272
   Wholesale Clip On Sunglasses 2037

  Buckle Styles
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI608
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI522
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI527
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI609

    Wholesale Discount Goggles G916
    Wholesale Discount Goggles G121
   Wholesale Discount Goggles G419
   Wholesale Discount Goggles G221

  Hologram Sunglasses
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 211
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 8123

  Kids Sunglasses
   Wholesale Kids Metallic Sunglasses 8238
   Wholesale Metallic Kids Sunglasses 8237
   Wholesale Kids Sunglasses Sample Pack SPK1
   Wholesale Kids Metallic Sunglasses 8236

  Reading Glasses
   Wholesale Metal Reading Glasses R9098
   Wholesale Metal Reading Glasses R9104
   Wholesale Bi-Focal Reading Glasses R9113
   Wholesale Reading Glasses Spring Hinges R9107

  Polarized Sunglasses
   Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses 8211
   Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses 8212
   Wholesale Polarized Clip On Sunglasses 710
   Xsportz Style XS616

  Poker Sunglasses
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 8123
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 211

  Plastic Sunglasses
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 8022
   Wholesale Diamond Eyewear DI6013
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE137
   1 Sunglass Rack 7039 & 36 pair Sunglasses Sample Pack SPA3

  Novelty Sunglasses
   Wholesale Party Glasses P1018
   Wholesale Party Glasses P2000
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 869
   Wholesale Party Glasses P1044

  Mirrored Sunglasses
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 34622
   Xsportz Style XS32
   Xsportz Men Style Sunglasses XS8009
   Xsportz Style XS7005

  Metal Sunglasses
   Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses 818
   Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses 6064
   Wholesale Cateye Sunglasses 6177
   Wholesale Sunglasses Sample Pack SPA1

  Aviator Sunglasses
   Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses 8204
   Wholesale Women Retro Sunglasses 8252
   Wholesale Aviator glasses 8037
   Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses 30714

   Shutter Sunglasses 616
   Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 211
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE71
   Wholesale DE Designer Eyewear DE616

 DE Designer Eyewear DE50
 Wholesale Discount Sunglasses 26412

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