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  • "After visiting many sunglass displays websites I decided to order from your company.  I ordered one of your rotating sunglass displays.  I thought it would take a long time to arrive but you shipped it the same day I placed the order and I received it the same week.  I already have some sunglasses from other suppliers but will be ordering from you in the near future."
    Mike D.
    Jacksonville, FL
  • "I ordered many different styles of sunglasses from and have found them to be very good quality.  I understand these sunglasses are sold in bulk and can have quality problems but have not found any major issues with them.  The aviator sunglasses have been great sellers for me.  Keep up the great work guys!"
    Kevin B.
    Chicago, Illinois


  • What I love about WDS is their customer service! Yaknow that “Live Chat” button? Well I swear, they have some of the nicest agents! The first time I ordered from WDS, the lady went out of her way to show me which sunglasses were big sellers, & helped me work out how to get the most out of my investment! I felt like she was on my team! I won’t order my wholesale sunglasses anywhere else!
    Katelyn J.
    L.A. California



  • I sell sunglasses at Saturday Markets, as a rookie I suffered the unreliable wholesale suppliers, until a friend suggested I try WDS. Great advice!! WDS helped me to better understand my potential customer base & even gave me great tips on how to set up my products. They have very cost effective sunglass displays that really did increase my sales, best of all they are so dependable! 

    Miami, Florida

  • Any apparel retailer knows how hard it is to anticipate what will be “IN†this season, that’s why I love WDS! I was unsure about which styles to stock but when I called to place my order, their rep. suggested I go with the classic California Classics, seems they are always in style. She was right! I just placed my second order! Thanks so much WDS!!

    New York, NY

  • When I placed my order with WDS I was surprised how quickly I received my shipment. When I've ordered from other wholesale sunglass companies it seemed that I was waiting forever for my order, but not with you guys! Living outside the US, it can be difficult ordering & receiving, which is why I'm very happy with WDS. Keep up the great work!!
    ~Hose G.
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Sunglass Racks

Sunglass Racks

After you've invested in your wholesale sunglasses, you will need to display them on sunglass racks. Too often we spend hours picking out the perfect pairs of sunglasses for our customers, spending our hard-earned cash, to find our sunglasses inventory scratched up or lost a week or two later. Avoid this by taking proper care of your new investment!

Sunglass racks hold all of your sunglasses neatly, keeping them out of harm's way and allowing your customers to select the perfect pair out of the group. Sunglass racks can either be wall mounted or stand alone on a counter or desk top.

Your sunglasses fit snugly and securely into place, with the lenses facing you so that your customers can easily select a style that they love. Usually, racks are designed so that the sunglasses stack vertically for easy comparison, and stand-alone models may rotate for added storage space.

Whether you are a retailer setting up your own shop, or just looking to store your own personal collection, it is a good idea to mount a mirror nearby the rack for when you, or your customers, want to try pairs on. Some racks even include mirrors of their own.

If you've got a sunglasses collection you're proud of, there's no better way to show it off than displaying your sunglasses on a rack. Sunglass racks keep your glasses safe from scratches or being misplaced and make selecting a pair easier. Get yourself a sunglass rack and discover a better way to store your sunglasses.