July 19, 2013

Google Glass – The Future Of Sunglasses

When you ask people to describe their favorite pair of sunglasses, most will describe modern wayfarer designs or even the sleek and innovative look of Aviators. Those who are even more advanced when it comes to staying on top of modern technology and eyewear will not be surprised to find out people can wear a computer on their head that looks like a pair of shades.

Google Glass

The big name in search engines, Google, has been developing eyewear that can search the Internet for some time now. As they build what is essentially a computer processor called Google Glass that will enable people to search online and carry out other functions that the computer does through a pair of eyeglasses, the company is looking to make their new product stylish.

IT is Trendy

A recent article in the New York Times reports that Google is in fact negotiating with Warby Parker to bring this trendy innovation a stylish edge. The article brings up some interesting issues when it comes to retailers of sunglasses of all kinds. Since IT has always been considered trendy and the best products are the ones that have a visual appeal, it would seem that the sunglass industry should be preparing for a technology assault.

Interesting Scenarios

Here are a couple of interesting scenarios the sunglass industry might be facing in the near future. It includes the kinds of products retailers might be carrying in their kiosks and online stores soon.

We all know about polarized lenses and how they are helpful in cutting down the sun's glare when users are out on their boats in the summer months. With this latest Google Glass technology, getting lost on unfamiliar water could be a thing of the past. Getting on the Internet through your aviator sunglasses and looking for your location on Google maps could be a possibility sooner than later.

Finally, imagine all the partygoers with their Cat Eye sunglasses being able to attend one-function and e-mail friends to keep in touch with what's going on in other places at the same time?

The New York Times article goes on to say that Google hopes their new Google Glass innovation will be only a first step toward their end goal. One day, these innovators hope you'll be able to access the Internet from everywhere without lifting a finger. It will certainly make shopping for sunglasses online much easier in the future.

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