July 5, 2013

How To Repair Sunglasses

Imagine the arm falls off your designer sunglasses when you are trying to make an impression at the biggest outdoor party of the summer. Embarrassing, yes, but it could be a lot worse. However, if you know how to repair sunglasses quickly you can always duck away for a quick fix.

Screws Fall Out

As carefully as they are made, the screws that hold the arms to the frame of your sunglasses can come loose just by being a focal point. If you need to put one back in, start the process by choosing a clear space to work with no debris underneath. Sunglasses have small screws that are much easier to find if it hasn't fallen into something like a plush rug. Many of the same places that sell sunglasses will sell small repair kits with a tiny screwdriver and replacement screws.

Wire Works Too

Maybe toying with those small screws gets your blood boiling. In that case, you can run a small wire through the loopholes that hold the arm to the frame. Tie the ends off with a pair of needle nose pliers and cut. That is an effective DIY fix when you are deciding how to repair sunglasses temporarily until you can get the right screw put back in.

Broken Frames And Quick Fixes

Sometimes the solution for how to repair sunglasses is a little more obvious than just a missing screw. Here are some quick fixes you can do yourself when a broken frame is the problem. Glue can often be the right solution, but you need to need to be sure to wipe any excesses away before you put your sunglasses back on. Duct tape, the handy man's best friend, provides another quick way to put broken frames back together. Just cut the tape into thin strips before you use it to mend broken frames.

Soldering Works Great

Of course if you have just bought a new pair of Cat Eye sunglasses and you break the frame, you will want the repair to be as invisible as possible. With metal frames, soldering is an option that leaves only a small trace after the work is done. When you are looking at how to repair sunglasses, it is a good idea to take a step back and plan proactively by choosing the material that lends itself to a seamless repair.

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