June 28, 2013

Ways To Improve Your Small Business Website

Looking for ways to improve your small business website so you can sell more sunglasses? It is the smart move since websites are considered the new business card and the first impression you make to people looking to buy everything from polarized shades to rhinestone studded designer sunglasses.

Tweak Your About Us Page

There are some things that are different about showing off your inventory on the Internet and some that are the same. One that applies equally to both online and brick and mortar stores is that prospects want to know who they are buying from.

Keep in mind it is perfectly acceptable to get a little personal on your About Us page. You want to let people in a little bit so they have a general idea about who is trying to sell them a good pair of quality sunglasses. Branding is a great idea so you will want to mention the company name a few times and getting this page done by a professional writer will help your image.

Start A Blog

Getting a web designer to add a blog to your website is one of the most important ways to improve your small business website. These blogs can be optimized with keywords and links so you can get better exposure and a higher page ranking over a short period of time. They also provide an excellent space for you or someone in your company to fill readers in on events and new products or other things of interest in the industry. For example, when a new line of sunglasses comes out, a blog is one of the ways to improve your small business website by getting the word out so clients will know you are on the cutting edge.


Satisfied customers wearing the sunglasses you have sold them and writing about how satisfied they are is a great way to pump up your sales. One of the biggest incentives for people to buy from you are customer testimonials from their peers. If you do not have any on your website as of yet, think about contacting four or five of your top customers to see if they will help you out.

Like a lot of other marketing tools online, finding ways to improve your small business website is an ongoing process. Tweaking the site as new innovations come along will keep you ahead of the curve.

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