June 21, 2013

Is Your Company Website Successful

These days, whether you're selling high-end sunglasses or cheaper models at outdoors kiosks during summer music festivals, being successful means having a website. These modern business cards are the first impression or the foundation for your marketing efforts. You need to be sure it is going to do all it can to sell sunglasses for you, and asking 'Is your company website successful?' means running through the following checklist.

Don't Overload On Information

Sure you are excited about the wonderful new children's line of sunglasses you've got and want that inventory right on the landing page beside all the other information on the new Aviator line that's coming out. Before you let the excitement of what you've got to sell run away with you, consider the fact that the average attentions span of a new web visitor is nine seconds.

That means you don't need to throw everything at them on the landing page. If they feel overwhelmed, they'll click away and shop for those sunglasses somewhere else. Use the headers and tabs to direct customers to different parts of the website. Make it clear where everything can be found with the effective use of some tabs and then leave it up to them.

Don't Cut Corners

Be aware this is one place where you will pay for cutting corners and going with the cheapest features. For example, choosing the cheapest web hosting you can find might leave you short on bandwidth and having to cut some of the features you need to sell sunglasses effectively. The same goes for content. Hiring offshore content writers that do not have a firm grasp of North American English often saves you a few dollars, but you can wind up with badly written text that reflects on your company.

Use Analytics

Of course when you want to know how many pairs of designer women's sunglasses you've sold, you only need to count the inventory. However there are ways to gauge how effective your website is and how many people actually visit the site so you can tweak the features you need to for better results. Analytics are a great way to get a good picture of how many people visit the site, where they are from and a host of other important information. Google has one of the most popular products that can help you answer the question, ‘Is Your Company Website Successful?'

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