January 29, 2013

Most Popular Colors For Sunglasses In 2013

Colors Of Sunglasses

For many of us the snow may still be falling, but spring fashions are already here. To get ready for those warm sunny days not only will you need to shop for a new outfit, but a new pair of sunglasses as well. A new pair of sunglasses will not only help you to look great, but they will also help to protect your eyes from the damage that harmful UV rays can do.

Here is a list of the most popular colors for sunglasses for the 2013 season:

#1 – Pinks
Salmon PinkAlthough pink has largely been out of style that last few seasons, in 2013 we will see it come back in full force. Many fashion designers are once again incorporating it into their spring and summer lines. From bright pink to dustier hues, this is one color that is a must have this season. The most popular shade of pink for 2013 is Salmon Pink.

#2 – Greens
Emerald GreenNot unlike pink, green has also fallen out of popular style with both designers and consumers alike. From Emerald Green to dustier shades with yellow or grey undertones, this season we will see green back in full force.

#3 – Yellows
Sulfur YellowYellows have been a popular color the last few seasons, but the mustard shades are being pushed aside in favor of brighter more vibrant yellows. In 2013 Sulfur Yellow is a must have for any fashionista.

#4 – Reds
Poppy RedJust like yellows, reds have been a popular color for the past few seasons, however bright, vibrant, tropic inspired reds are going to be huge this year, with the most popular shade being Poppy Red.

#5 – Blues
Monaco BlueBlues are back again for 2013 with the focus on darker, richer hues, such as this year's most popular shade – Monaco Blue. As you can see, this blue is very similar to navy blue.

#6 – Purples
African VioletAnother exotic, tropical inspired color, African Violet, is going to me the must have purple shade for the upcoming 2013 spring and summer collection.

#7 – Oranges
NectarineOranges are also bright and vivid this year, with the most popular shade coming in the form of Nectarine.

#8 – Whites
LinenFinally, last but not least, are whites. This season we will see some neutral shades of white, closer to beiges or creams actually, that will help to balance out the vividness of the other 7 popular colors. The most popular white this year will be Linen.

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