August 13, 2009

Making the Internet Work For You

Do you currently have a retail storefront and want to gain exposure? The Internet may be the key you need to gain  your business exposure.  In the wholesale market, the Internet has proved to be a viable asset to any market. Retailers are jumping on the Internet bandwagon and maximizing exposure by setting up an online e-commerce storefront.  Accoding to E-Commerce Times, nearly 85% of net surfers shop online!

You're probably asking  yourself how the Internet and selling sunglasses coincide. Since we now know that a vast majority of Internet users do their shopping online; you would now want to get yourself into that pipeline.  The first step is to obtain a domain name (e.g., this will be the physical addresses to your store similar to the addresses to your retail store. "Branding" your store name is key to gain exposure, just like you physical storefront name.  Some people prefer not to get a domain name, perfectly fine since there are many other avenues that can be taken. Having a domain name will require more work than other methods of Internet E-Commerce but will gain the most traffic once up and running.  Having a storefront linked to your domain name also requires a little more maintence and upkeep.  I suggest reading some books on creating a website and online storefront at your local bookstore. There are many books that will explain how you can get your storefront up using your "branding" name.

The second and almost the first most popular way to gain exposure over the Internet is through Ebay. Ebay has almost become a household name when is comes to online shopping and selling. Ebay has one of the highest concentration of online shoppers on one site. There are nearly 212 million ebay members worlwide and 128 million of which are in the United States! Opening an Ebay account is FREE and selling on Ebay is margional compared to what time and energy is spent by advertising and marketing of other methods of retail and online sales.

Ebay and the retail world of sunglasses is like meat and potatoes. Creating an online storefront is quite easy through ebay, especailly with the help of their simple listing managers and templates to give your new online store some pizazz.  Ebay can be used in the sale of wholesale and both retail sunglasses and can bbe targeted to specific groups of buyers.  An Ebay storefront can come in a variety of stlyes and options catered to the clientele you market.

Whichever avenue you persue to the world or e-commerce, it is always a great idea to add an online storefront to gain  your exposure.  There are several publications on the specific topic of Internet marketing, but nonetheless, it will never hurt to reachout to the online market.  Who knows  your online store may just even take off and you could find yourself in Tahiti watching your store from the beach.

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