April 29, 2009

Buckle Style Sunglasses – The New Fashion Statement

From the time sunglasses morphed into a fashion accessory, there has been a lot of experimentation in styles, colors and looks. People no longer look to sunglasses for protection alone. In fact, many folks are even prepared to compromise protection if the style quotient of a particular piece is good enough. While we do not see much sense in preferring style over utility, fortunately, there are many options to combine style with usefulness. Buckle style sunglasses, the latest entrée in the world of fashion sunglasses, is one example.

Buckle style sunglasses first came into the market under the big names in fashion, like Gucci and Christian Dior. These sunglasses sport a buckle on the frame and hence the name. Buckle styles have a distinctively French touch, emphasizing a sense of distinction, freedom and ruggedness. These sunglasses may be used at any time of the day, and they even double up as a wonderful hair band (for those occasions when you want to sport your sunglasses but need them more for your hair than your eyes).

For people who are wondering why buckle style sunglasses have become so popular all of a sudden, the answer is obvious: fashion! These days, people are more interested in jazzy fashion accessories. The consumer’s liking for run-of-the-mill stuff has dwindled considerably. This could be a reflection of society’s increased interest in looking good or people’s awareness of how important their image is. Whatever the reason, buckle style sunglasses have managed to capture the imagination of millions of men and women. In fact, the American market is literally lapping up these beauties, with many wholesale marketers reporting tremendous volumes of sale. These distinctive shades look unique with their metal rims and their unbeatable buckled-in style.

Of course, buckle style sunglasses do not come cheap, particularly if you are looking for authentic designer wear. The cost could be anywhere between $300 and $1,000 for original Gucci or Christian Dior. If you’re like me, you consider this a huge waste of good money. For those who want to enjoy the beauty and style of wearing buckle style sunglasses but do not have the inclination to pay as much, there are always other options. Fake sunglasses, for instance. But these are a compromise, not just on price, but quality and performance. So, instead of buying cheap sunglasses that are fakes, you could consider buying designer inspired sunglasses.

Designer inspired sunglasses are what the name says; inspired by designer wear, but not built to mimic it. Therefore, these sunglasses are made from quality materials. However, you will not find any brand logo or signature on them. They are meant to look good and last long, without the frills. Plus, they are very easy on the purse strings. Just as in authentic designer wear, these buckle style sunglasses come with complete UV protection and polycarbonate lens. So, while the cost is low, there is no compromise in quality and service.

Buying designer sunglasses is a challenge because you need to identify authentic sources that offer products on wholesale rates. Only then can you get maximum price reduction. One of the best ways to identify such a source is the internet. Genuine online wholesale dealers in sunglasses can often give your superb quality at unbeatable prices.

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