Wholesale Sunglasses – A Great Deal!

Do you need a pair of sunglasses…or forty, or four-hundred? Are you interested in getting knock off, high-fashion sunglasses at bargain prices? Planning to stock some sunglasses in your store, but don’t know where to start? Well, you've come to the right place! At Wholesale Discount Sunglasses we believe you should be able to get awesome sunglasses and accessories at shockingly low prices; when you buy wholesale sunglasses from us we ship them to you directly at a FRACTION of retail price — typical savings versus retail are over 800% less! We ship anywhere in the world, and there is no minimum required to ship an order; you're here, so start shopping and saving yourself money today!

Wholesale Discount Sunglasses stocks the FULL ARRAY of sunglasses – so many styles more than you can imagine — from the sheik aviators to vintage shades. Aviator sunglasses can cost TENS or HUNDREDS of dollars in retail stores, whereas we can ship YOU a box of them for a quarter of that price! Goggles and clip-ons are also available if that is what you (or your personal sunglasses store or emporium) needs.
Our sunglasses are our passion, and we believe in delivering the quantity of sunglasses you NEED at the level of quality you expect and deserve. We also stock a wide selection of cases, retainers, and stands to keep your goods safe (or to help put them on display)! We have a printable catalog readily available on the website for your viewing (or printing) pleasure!

We directly import and manufacture MANY products ourselves at stringent quality standards to pass the savings on to YOU. Check our closeout deals frequently, too — for further discounts on already DEEPLY cut prices! And — if you feel that skittish about buying directly from us — we back our merchandise with a ONE YEAR return policy! (Click Here To View Our One Year Return Policy)

Finally – don’t forget that with every dozen sunglasses purchased, you get a display box with the dozen TOTALLY free. Still not convinced? We offer sample packs at cheap prices so you can check the quality coming off the line yourself! We have wholesale sunglasses / children’s and adult’s sample packs, and each pack comes with a variety of styles within it.

We also offer even further discounts for BULK orders! We give the following volume discounts:
Spend $500-$999 receive a 10% Discount
Spend $1000-$1999 receive a 15% Discount
Spend $2000 or more receive a 20% Discount

You yourself can order straight from the factory, too! Please call either 1-866-251-7988 or 503-488-5458 for more information. We welcome all comments and suggestions, please contact us at your convenience either via email or 8-4:30 PM PST. Confused? Have further questions? We'd love to assist you with any ordering questions and concerns! For those who prefer it, we also offer live assistance chat. We have 30 years in the sunglasses business, and most questions put to us we can pretty readily answer. Contact us soon!


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