April 10, 2012

Want The Right Bulk Sunglasses – Consider The Shape Of Your Face First

Looking for the right bulk sunglasses is a process. There’s a few things to consider that may seem obvious, like durability and style, but there are also couple of considerations that you might not include right away, like optical technology. However, not everyone knows that you need to look at the shape of your face to get the complete package when it comes to sunglasses wholesale products. Taking the time to look at a few ideas here will help you to find the right pair you’ll be comfortable with.

Sure it makes sense when the experts say that the size of the lens that you pick should be in proportion with the size of your face, but there’s more to matching up those two variables than you might expect. For example, people with an oval face have the most choice. People shopping for bulk sunglasses with this attribute will be glad to know that almost any frame style will look good. Wraparounds, square shaped frames, or anything in between will all work with these lucky faces.

Things get a little more complicated for other types of faces looking to find their sunglasses wholesale match. If you’ve got a narrower forehead and chin with wide or high cheekbones, your face is more diamond shaped and that means you’re better suited to oval sunglasses. Got a square face with a more pronounced jawline? Reducing those hard lines with curved styles will give you a softer look.

A narrow jaw with a wide forehead gives off a triangular appearance, and the proper choice here for sunglasses include metal frames with no rims at the bottom so that your eyes are accentuated. These aren’t hard and fast rules, rather only suggestions that can help you to pick out the right frames to help foster a great look that you’ll be happy with.

Remember that the shape of your face isn’t the only personal consideration when you’re matching yourself up with a pair of sunglasses. People with pale skin complexions should look for bulk sunglasses with lightweight frames while darker skinned folk should gear their sunglasses wholesale selections to silver or gold frames.

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March 27, 2012

Top Wholesale Sunglasses Company in 2012


Although this post may be a bit of a toot-your-own-horn kind of post, we had to share with our readers that Wholesale Discount Sunglasses was nominated as becoming the Top Wholesale Sunglasses Company in 2012, as rated by WholesaleSunglassesBlog.com.

We are extremely proud to be nominated and hope to achieve everything that needs to keep us on top, not only for the success of our business, but also that of our clients and employees alike.

In order to meet the every changing need of our clients and their customers, Wholesale Discount Sunglasses continues to add the newest styles and designers on wholesale sunglasses to our ever-expanding catalogue. Not only are we continually updating our available sunglass styles, we are also adding an ever increasing product line to meet all of our clients wholesale needs, such as sunglass accessories and displays, caps, hats, and even wholesale lighters.

Furthermore, in order to help our clients choose the appropriate products for resale we have recently introduced a line of Sample Packs and Starter Packs.

It is with innovative options like these that have no doubt helped us to be nominated as the Top Wholesale Sunglasses Company in 2012. And we are ready for the challenge to maintain and hold that spot for years to come!

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March 14, 2012

How To Choose Wholesale Men's Sunglasses

Wholesale sunglasses are one of the few accessories that you guys can wear that will not only make you look cool, but also provide you some much need protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Although it sounds easy enough to just pick up any old pair of wholesale men's sunglasses, such as our very own Xsportz™ brand, and think they will automatically look great on you, and the Xsportz™ of course will, there is a little more involved in the process of picking the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Just to make things easier for you guys, I've put together this 2-step guide to help you pick out a pair of men's sunglasses that will look great on you. And when it comes to picking sunglasses, size really does matter, well that and shape of course.

Step #1 – Determine the shape of your face

There are five basic face shapes: Square, round, oval, oblong and triangular. Each shape will have a particular style of sunglasses that will work well with it. If you don't know your face shape off hand, take a look at yourself in the mirror. If you still can’t figure it out, ask a girl. We're great with shapes.

Step #2 – Determine the type of frames that work with your face shape

After you have determined your face shape all you need to do is simply choose a pair of sunglasses that compliment, and help balance out, your face. If you face is too wide, choose a pair of sunglasses that help to length your face. To narrow, opt for frames that help shorten the look of your face. The following list will help you out:

With a strong jaw and broad forehead you are considered to have a square face shape. Sunglass frames with rounded bottom edges and straight top edges, such as the classic wayfarer style sunglasses, will look great on you.

A round face can be made to look lean with the right pair of sunglass frames. If you opt for pair of square shaped sunglasses, you can help to lengthen the look of your face. Just make sure they are as wide, or wider, than the widest part of your face. Too narrow or rounded, and you run the risk of looking heavier than you actually are.

If you have an oval face shape, well then mister you are in luck, because virtually any style of sunglasses will look great on you, from fashion sunglasses to sport sunglasses and everything in between.

Oblong face shapes are considered long and narrow. You can help to balance out your look with a pair of sunglasses that will help shorten the look of your face. Wraparound sunglasses typically work best.

Finally, the triangular face shape is usually qualified by having a broad forehead that tapers into a narrow chin. For this face shape you want to balance out your look with a pair of sunglasses that are heavier at the bottom edge than they are at the top. The best style suited for this face shape is a pair of classic aviator style sunglasses.

There you have it, 2 simple steps to help you pick out a pair of sunglasses that will look great on you. Now get out there and get shopping.

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February 28, 2012

Party Themed Novelty Sunglasses

Party and drinking themed novelty sunglasses are always a great hit with the after nightclub crowds. They're funning, you can sell them for cheap making them more appealing. Furthermore, if you have a store that is frequented by the after the bar crowd, by having a display on your counter you are bound to sell out each and every night.

Check out some of our best sellers:

The Drink's On Me!



Beer Mug

Margarita Glasses

Tequila Shots

Finally, if you really want to help your customers light up the night you should carry one of our many flashing sunglasses, such as these shutter shades:

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February 21, 2012

World's Most Expensive Polarized Sunglasses

$15,000 Bentley Sunglasses

You may have thought you knew everything there was to know about polarized fishing sunglasses, until now.

Jointly designed by the Bentley, a British car manufacturer, and Estede, an Austrian luxury eyewear maker, these limited edition polarized sunglasses, with lenses by Zeiss, can be yours for a staggering $41,000 (£26,000).

This new luxury eyewear collection is comprised of sunglass frames hand-crafted with precious metals, such as silver palladium, platinum and 18 carat rose and white gold. Each pair of sunglasses in individually numbered comes packaged in a leather box finished in your choice of colour.

These sunglasses may be a little over the top for your weekend fishing trips on the local lake, unless of course you are a billionaire and you just happen to own that lake. However, if you are like the rest of us, and can't afford the $41,000 price tag, you can always opt for one of our pairs of inexpensive polarized sunglasses.

They work just as well for seeing into the water to spot those fish, but come with a little less bling. Okay, a lot less bling, but at least you won't be put off if they happen to fall overboard while you are leaning over the gunwale reeling in that fish.

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February 2, 2012

Baby Aviator Sunglasses Company Gives Away $1000 For Education Fund

Babiators, a baby aviator sunglasses company specializing in durable sunglasses for children ages 0-3, is currently running a photo contest where the grand prize is a $1000 in college education funding.

Their slogan: safe, durable and awesome, is right on par. Made with pliable rubber and shatter-resistant lenses these baby sunglasses are durable and look awesome. And that is exactly how you can enter the contest.

Simply take picture of your baby doing something awesome while sporting their baby sunglasses and submit your picture here.

To get a few ideas check out their blog for pictures of celebrities' kids doing something awesome.

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January 31, 2012

Designer Sports Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes

It doesn’t matter what type of sport you engage in, as long as the majority of it is spent outdoors, you should always equip yourself with a good pair of sports sunglasses to help protect your eyes.

Whether it's mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing or any other type of extreme sport, just because you should protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses, it doesn't mean that they can't also be fashionable. Today designer sunglasses come in many styles, from fashion sunglasses to sports sunglasses.

When looking for a pair of designer sports sunglasses there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First off, a quality pair of sports sunglasses does not have to come with a huge price tag. As long as they are made quality material that is both durable and light-weight, a pair of inexpensive replica sunglasses can be just as good as their name brand counterparts. Finally, you also want to ensure that your sunglasses are rated for 100% UV protection.

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January 20, 2012

Some Cigarette Lighters Removed From UK Shops

A few weeks ago Get Reading, the online presence of The Reading Post out of the UK, reported that some oversized plastic novelty lighters were being removed from shops in Bracknell town centre.

According to Bracknell Forest Council’s Trading Standards, oversized plastic novelty lighters that measure more than six inches in length could explode into a fireball. The reason being that the flame on these plastic lighters does not extinguish itself, and can remain burning for hours underneath the cap. Once the plastic fuel container melts, the escaping fuel can cause a fireball explosion.

"I would urge residents not to use these lighters as they can cause serious injury," said Rob Sexton, the head of Trading Standards and services.

Residents have been warned to not purchase the lighters shown in the picture above, and have been asked by Councillor Iain McCracken to report any shops selling the banned lighters to the Council’s Trading Standards team.

At Wholesale Discount Sunglasses we offer a wide range of lighters wholesale made from the highest quality materials, making them safe to store and operate.

All of our cigarette lighters are wind proof, refillable and have replaceable wicks and flints.

Starting as low as $12 per dozen, our lighters are a great additional to any retail display, and sell well in most locations, such as gas stations, convenience stores, fairs and just about anywhere.

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January 11, 2012

Art Major Designs Sunglasses for Coco And Breezy, Supplier Of Sunglasses

Luis Santiago, a student at University of Wisconsin-Stout's School of Art and Design, is entering his final semester this year, and he already has a popular sunglasses design on the market.

Rainy Days, pictured above, are the sunglasses that he designed in late 2010 for Coco And Breezy, an online supplier of sunglasses, fashion eyewear and accessories.

"Their style is very different, very out there. It’s not a regular sunglass, " says Santiago. When asked about his final design choice he said, "I tried to keep it fairly simple and true to their brand." And it looks like his decision paid off. A few months after he submitted his designs, he was asked to create a 3D model and engineering specifications for production in to China.

By the fall of 2011, his sunglasses had their debut at the New York Fashion Week and were even been featured in Beyoncé's music video, "Party", modeled by none other than Coco and Breezy themselves. Check out the video below and see if you can spot the Rainy Days or any of our party sunglasses:

With the success of Rainy Days, Santiago has now become the lead designer for Coco and Breezy. "I’ve always wanted to design wearable products. Rainy Days has really helped with my portfolio. It’s a pretty big step," he said.

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November 26, 2011

John Lennon Sunglasses

Chilly For Me

John Lennon was an English musician who was most famously known as a member of the 60s rock group, The Beatles. Some of his greatest songs that he wrote while a member of the Beatles include, Help, In My Life, Strawberry Fields Forever, and Come Together. Lennon also had a successful solo career, and his most notable songs include, Imagine, Mother, and Give Peace a Chance.

Besides being a successful musician, Lennon was also a political activist who spoke out against the Vietnam War and, with his wife Yoko Ono, held their famous weeklong Bed-In For Peace at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. It was during this Bed-In that Give Peace a Chance was recorded.

Lennon was also known for sporting his trademark teashade glasses and sunglasses. Being huge Lennon fans ourselves, Wholesale Discount Sunglasses now carries a line of John Lennon Sunglasses in honour of this revolutionary cultural icon.

The three models we currently have available are:

1) Vintage John Lennon Sunglasses:

2) John Lennon Sunglasses with spring hinges:

3) John Lennon Sunglasses with colored lenses:

We'll leave you with this video tribute to John Lennon:

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