August 22, 2012

Sunglass Accessories Are The Perfect Finishing Touch

sunglass slip
The chances are that you will like the selection you make from all the latest designs available for sunglasses so much that browsing through our selection of sunglass accessories, that can be found here, will seem like the next logical step.

Whether you have decided on clip-ons, folding versions or anything in between, finding the right case to protect the investment you've made is the prudent step. Remember there is plenty of choice and even when going with the more traditional cases a few different decisions still need to be hammered out.

Hard cases will come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. While these afford more protection for your sunglasses than their soft cover counterparts, as well as having better impact resistance to stand up to any accidents or impacts, selecting the hard case means a little more space will be taken up storing your sunglasses.

There are solutions for space conscious people who still want to be sure the lenses on their shades are protected from accidental abrasions. Micro fiber bags are another more pliable choice than the hard case, and these fit the contours of the frames and lenses more easily, so storage takes less room.

Innovation is one of the features that separate successful sunglass accessories from the rest of the pack. Finding ways to keep the glasses secure and safe when you don't need to wear them helps people to feel more confident, and that is where sunglass floater straps fit the bill perfectly. These are great for active people and sports enthusiasts who might otherwise lose their glasses as they enjoy active pastimes like water skiing and hiking.

Protecting your investment means storing the sunglasses in a convenient location so you can get to them quickly when you need to and that is where a visor clip comes in handy. Attach one of these to the visor in the car so you will always know where your sunglasses are.

Of course, one of the biggest selling features is the way they look, and having a countertop swivel mirror is one of the most convenient ways to check this all important aesthetic factor out.

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August 17, 2012

How To Find The Best Suppliers Of Sunglasses For Your Needs


It is understandable that you might get confused when you begin looking at the overwhelming choice that you can get when dealing with wholesale suppliers of sunglasses. After a bit of time trying to muddle through everything the Internet has to offer you may need some help narrowing down your choices.

Looking at the particular features the sunglasses have offer is a great place to start. The frames are a good place to start making some decisions and there are some choices to be made right away. For example, plastic and metal is a durable choice for men's or women's sunglasses and there is quite a selection to look through including the higher end names like RayBan and even Prada Sport. If you are looking to economize, plastic lenses are generally one of the least expensive features to look for. Zylonite is a material that comes in a variety of different colors, while polycarbonate plastic lenses are quite often associated with sports and other activities where protection from the sun is needed.

Metal frames offer another set of possibilities. Many of the brand names in the industry are fond of this material and Titanium is one of the more popular metals used since it hypo-allergenic and corrosion resistant at the same time.

The materials the frames are made from are just one of the factors you need to take into consideration. The hinges need to be carefully examined as well since these are responsible for adjusting tension and how the sunglasses sit and feel on your face. They can be adjusted to suit in some circumstances and you should be looking to see if the pair you are considering has this option. Finding a set that is made of stainless steel will ensure they have more durability than those made of plastic, but they often lack the flexibility of their plastic counterparts.

There are three types of hinges to look for and the first, called the barrel hinge, has interlocking pieces that fit together and are held in place by a small screw. The spring hinge is another type that allows the frame to press against your head and, although more expensive, supplies a better fit. Finally, the interlocking hinge is similar to its barrel counterpart except that it is molded to the frame.

As a supplier of wholesale sunglasses, we have a wide variety of discount sunglasses that can be found here.

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July 25, 2012

Popular Styles Of Sunglasses – From The Outrageous To The Magnificent

Having the right pair of sunglasses is all about knowing how to blend style and function. It is also necessary to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays, but that doesn't mean you can't look good while doing it. This means the sunglasses you choose need to have a stylish quality as well.

Still, there are many styles on the market today that cater to people who are looking to make extreme statements and a few of these are worth mentioning since they show how inventive the people who design sunglasses and the people who wear them actually are.

We all remember the 1980s, and even if you are too young, you can ask around and find out that was the decade of style. So when you see there is a pair of 80s asymmetrical multicolor sunglasses being sold, there's no reason to be shocked when you see the edgy design that incorporates multi-colored triangles as part of the frames holding the lenses.

Looking to spice up the look of your sunglasses with something new? Then why not try metal fringe sunglasses? These are an imitation of the variety that were seen on Beyonce so if you like to follow the latest trends, these are the ones for you. You can enjoy the view from behind the actual metal fringes that hang over the lenses.

For the more modern sporty look, we have are very own Xsportz™ brand sunglasses, which have become a very popular brand of men's sports sunglasses. We are continually expanding this sunglass line, with new sport styles coming in all the time. You can take a look at all of the current styles we have right now.

Of course there is a more serious side to picking the right sunglasses and you need to pick the ones that will protect your eyes from the more harmful of the sun's radiation. Look at the tags to be sure you are getting the lenses that deflect UV rays. Remember the frames are another important element as well. It is important to choose between metal and plastic, depending on your activity level. Plastic is generally more lightweight, but metal bounces back better and is generally more impact resistant.

Once you get those choices out of the way, you are free to look at the more outrageous kinds of shades. Although the fourth of July has just passed for another year, getting a pair of Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow USA sunglasses might just be the head start you need for next time around. As you might have already guessed, these are the ones that are shaped like the country so you have a great perspective on the world when you are looking out through them.

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July 18, 2012

Features To Look For When Buying Sunglasses

Although there are many people who go to the corner drugstore to select a pair of cheap sunglasses, many do so without first looking into all of the features. More careful shoppers take their time to be sure that they are getting exactly what they are paying for. These are the people who understand that getting a good pair of sunglasses is all about. It is advised to first start by looking at the lenses before you move on to other features like the frames.

Here are a few things that smart shoppers look for in these lenses. Regardless of the material you finally choose, look for one that has UV protection.

One of the more traditional materials is glass, but there are some pros and cons to having this as part of your sunglass package. While there is superior scratch resistance with this material, there is also the chance that it will spider when impacted. This is not the case with some of the other materials that are available.

It doesn't matter if you are shopping for a cheap pair or a designer pair if sunglasses, there are other features you should look for before making your decision, especially when it comes to the frames. The nose and earpieces need to hold the glasses firmly on your face without slipping. Selecting the right pair of sunglasses is also about keeping in mind what you are choosing them for and it is a good idea to consider polycarbonate material, especially when you are active.

This material is highly impact resistant and lends itself to the active wearer's lifestyle. Like every other kind of material used in a pair of sunglasses, there are a few drawbacks. Although polycarbonate lenses supply very good optical clarity and are lightweight, they are also less scratch resistant than some types of glass.

There are some other choices that are best suited to people who are only looking to get occasional use from their sunglasses and acrylic lenses are best suited to those kinds of users. Keep in mind there is some optical distortion involved if you are choosing these lenses.

You also want to make sure the sunglasses you select have the best innovative coatings on top of the material used to construct the lenses. Hydrophobic coating repels water and for increased durability, there is also a popular anti-scratch coating you can get on your sunglasses.

At Wholesale Discount Sunglasses we offer a wide range of makes and models, from inexpensive to designer sunglasses, such as our DE brand sunglasses. You can find all of our quality designer brands here.

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July 13, 2012

How To Shop For Sunglasses In Bulk


Finding the right sunglasses in bulk is not just about getting a cool style. It doesn't matter whether you are planning on spending a day on the water in one season or zipping down a ski slope in another, finding the right pair of shades is about more than just how you look. Performance is another factor that you need to consider and that means focusing on the lenses that comes with your sunglasses.

First and foremost, you need to pick a lens that has protection from ultraviolet radiation. Make sure to find one that blocks 99-100% of UVA and UVB radiation. Keep in mind that the tag on the product needs to be specific about having these qualities. That qualification aside, there are several materials commonly used in the manufacturing process.

These include:

A lightweight but durable substance that sunglasses manufactured in bulk use quite often since it affords an element of safety for active wearers.

Like Polycarbonate, this is a durable material that is heavier.

This is another plastic used in prescription grade sunglasses.

There are other options needed to make a pair of sunglasses the complete package that will look great and keep your eyes safe. The tints and colours that can be imposed on the lenses are something else you should pay special attention to. Although the ones you pick are generally a matter of taste, there are some advantages to each of the colors you consider.

Grey lenses are very good at reducing brightness, but at the same time they do not distort color. For reducing glare, brown and amber tints are the way to go and these tints also look after the blur frequency in sunlight that often gives things a distorted appearance.

Of course there are other options when you are matching up the lenses with the other aspects of the sunglasses you want. Curvature is another aspect that will protect your eyes from the sun's light. As well, finding lenses that are oversized, in the sense they cover an area a bit larger than your eye, is beneficial.

Finally, look at getting yellow lenses since they reduce the haze from blue light better than the brown variety. However, these can cause more color distortion. Green tinted lenses offer excellent contrast between different objects.

Taking some time to work through these options will help you feel more comfortable about the sunglasses you decide on in the end.

At Wholesale Discount Sunglasses we have a huge selection of sunglasses in bulk, check out all of our latest designs here.

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July 5, 2012

Know Your Available Options When Buying Sunglasses At Wholesale Prices

cheap sunglasses

When you are looking at getting an excellent deal on sunglasses, whether you are into summer water sports or just want to look great, purchasing sunglasses at wholesale prices is a great way to go. The first step is to learn about all the options available to you, so when the time comes you will be able to make the right choice.

Of course, you will want to be sure to get polarized frames if you are going to be out on the water, and you will definitely need to be sure that the lenses you pick will be able to block the more harmful of the sun's ultraviolet light.

Still, there is more to getting a good pair of sunglasses than just concerning yourself with the lenses. You need to look at the frames as well. There are several key elements to the frame size that you should take into account so you have a well rounded view of how they best suit your needs.

For example, the eye size refers to the horizontal width of lenses. This is important for several reasons and can affect the kind of sunglasses that you purchase. If you are an adult, you need to be sure that the eye size will cover a wide enough area around your face so that sunlight is not able to get in through the sides. This measurement is also especially important for younger children as their eyes are still forming, and you want to be sure they are not exposed to harmful UV radiation from the sun. For both young and older wearers, it is a good idea to make sure the lenses are slightly curved, as this will help to keep out unwanted light.

The bridge size is another critical measurement. This takes into account the distance between the two lenses and is measured as the closest point. This becomes important when you are deciding on what goes into a snug fit. Sunglasses should not slip down on your face, especially when you are wearing them during a strenuous activity like bike riding or skiing. Finding a bridge size that works so you can shop with more confidence is a great idea.

The temple size is another aspect you need to look at. Although there is generally some flexibility in this part of the frames, the entire length should be taken into account so you get a good fit. You can find out more information about pricing of wholesale sunglasses by clicking here.

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June 28, 2012

A Few Words About Wholesale Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses

There's no escape from it, and as hard as many try, the older you get the harder it becomes to read when the material is up close. Presbyopia is the medical condition for what some of us call getting older, but regardless of how you want to look at it, this hardening of the eye's lenses means that your eyes will need some help in the form of wholesale reading glasses.

There's a few things that you should know before you buy any of the generic types that are sold in drugstores and department stores in North America, and having the right background will help you to make an informed choice.

What's called ready-made wholesale reading glasses became popular in the 1990s and they've been attracting a large market share ever since with sales in the millions reported. If you're looking for an inexpensive pair of reading glasses and the ability to own several pair for a small cash outlay, these might be the ones for you.

There are some drawbacks to these less expensive glasses however and one of the bigger concerns is the fact that with these there's a “one size fits all” mentality that includes the fact that both lenses have the same prescription. This can cause potential problems when you consider that most people who need corrective lenses have even a slightly different prescription for each eye.

Remember here that you need the right glasses to read or work with in a variety of different situations. In other words, wholesale reading glasses aren't computer glasses and holding something close so you make the text out is quite different from looking at a screen while you work.

In the end, it's all about getting the right glasses for the task at hand and that means there are some choices you need to make between wholesale reading glasses and other types that do other jobs and help you to read other kinds of text. Of course there are other more expensive choices that involve going to your local optometrist, having your eyes checked and then getting a prescription pair made for you. However if you just need them for occasional use we have a wide selection of affordable reading glasses to choose from.

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June 25, 2012

How To Choose Bulk Sunglasses


If you are like most people shopping for bulk sunglasses, your knowledge about selecting the best pair could be limited. You might be on your way to the beach, or maybe you have just broken a pair in the car on the way to work and you think that grabbing the first pair from a display of sunglasses from the local pharmacy is good enough. If that is the way you shop for this important accessory you may need to rethink your ways.

Here are a few things that you need to consider to get your money's worth and to look after your health.

Sunglasses are important and stylish at the same time. You need to be sure when you're picking your favorite pair of Aviator shades that you're also getting optimal protection from the more harmful of the sun's rays. Take the time to slow down when you're choosing sunglasses to look at labels that tell you the ones you are selecting block both UVA and UVB rays. The curvature of the lens is also important because you want to get ones that cover you from these rays entering from the sides as well.

Make sure when you're looking at sunglasses in bulk that you pay special attention to the lenses and look for more than just style. Polycarbonate plastic lenses provide a durable protection if you are the active sort of wearer, but lenses that are made from real glass offer little UV protection at all.

You need to make sure that you get a good fit regardless of the kind of sunglasses you finally select. Sunglasses that are either too small or too large can be uncomfortable as well as let light in from the sides and you'll want to stay away from nose pieces and temple pieces that dig into your flesh.

Remember that you should be looking through the selection of sunglasses for the right fit and specifications regardless of the season. For example, having the right polarized lenses for your sunglasses is just as important in the winter to reduce glare off the snow as it is in the summer when you’re trying to do the same with the water.

We have a huge selection of bulk sunglasses available, and you can find all of our discount models here.

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June 19, 2012

How To Determine Your Fashion Style For Sunglasses

Daria Model Armani sunglasses DSC_2838 bw

Just like with clothes, shoes and accessories, sunglasses have their different styles and fashions. There are popular models of sunglasses and there are retro or vintage sunglasses. Whatever one decides to go with, there are a few things that he or she has to follow. The sunglasses have to offer UV protection and they should protect the eye from the glare and the light. Then, of course they should come with a frame in a shape that matches our face and a price tag that we can afford. The choice is tremendous, especially if you live in a city of fashion like Paris or New York. There are brand new pairs of sunglasses, there are vintage sunglasses, and there are replicas and new sunglasses that are designed to look as if they are vintage ones. If you cannot find a pair of real vintage sunglass in the closet in your apartment Paris, your apartment in New York or from your parents, you can always go for a new pair that resembles the vintage style.

Some people go further and they not only wear vintage sunglasses, they collect them. Some of the top brands for sunglasses like Ray-Ban for example, have their own vintage collection. Among these vintage style sunglasses can be mentioned the Aviator style sunglasses that are so popular among the movie celebrities and the musicians. Other vintage style sunglasses that are still popular among the celebrities and the young generation are the sunglasses from the 1950s, such as the ones that James Dean used to wear, known as Wayfarers. They were later to be followed by the sunglasses from the hippie era – the small John Lennon glasses, as well as the huge Elvis Presley sunglasses.

During the next decade the fashion in sunglasses production was focused around the oversized large frame pairs with Carrera Porsche Design, and the decade that followed is remembered with the Dior sunglasses. All those styles of sunglasses have been tested through time and have always been popular among the people.

When looking for a good pair of sunglasses though, one should take into account not only the decade where from the sunglasses are coming, but also their style, their design and the most important factor should be how you look when wearing them and whether they reveal your personality. I can tell you that I love to try them on in my apartment in Venice. Everyone has a pair of sunglasses in mind, but sometimes it can be tricky to find the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses can be a great accessory and they are often the last item that you put on for a gorgeous look when you want to turn heads. Of course, they have a deeper function – to protect your eyes. Whether you will go for the expensive models, buy a replica pair of glasses, or go through the vintage stores in search for a little treasure, it is your personality that will really determine your fashion style for sunglasses.

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June 14, 2012

Tips For Buying Wayfarer Sunglasses


Getting the right shades makes you feel good and look great all summer long. It doesn't matter whether your style preferences are wayfarer sunglasses, aviators or even some other kind, picking the right ones is about more than just the style. In other words, there is more that goes into a great pair of wayfarers than first meets the eye and you need to consider all the different options to get the complete package.

For example, thinking about the kind of frames that will best suit your purposes is a great way to start the process. There are a few considerations here that include getting the right fit that doesn't press into your temples and the durability of the material these are made from. Plastic frames are great for wayfarer sunglasses if you don't plan on being overly active while wearing them. However, it is good to know that Polycarbonate frames are much more flexible and therefore better suited to some sports and even hiking adventures. Remember the frame needs to fit at the sides of your face and block the light at those angles too.

Lenses are just as important as the frames and the two work together to give you the look you want, whether you are looking at wayfarer sunglasses or some other kind. Remember here that you need to make some fundamental decisions about the kind of place that you are thinking about buying these glasses from. If you shop online, you are more than likely to get the selection you are looking for, and we have a huge selection of wayfarer sunglass styles to choose from.

When you are looking at the lenses that you want to compliment your other decisions, there are generally brown or grey tinted lenses to choose from. The grey variety maintains the true colours while the brown ones are generally considered to be best at enhancing those same shades.

Finally, you will more than likely want to look at polarization when you are trying to select the right design of sunglasses. Built to reduce glare and enhance definition, these lenses are generally considered to be a prerequisite for any type of sunglasses when you plan on spending time around the water or snow.

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