May 11, 2011

Fashion and Protection

As summer approaches, parents are starting to look for those cute short outfits for their little ones. A great accessory to any summer outfit is hats. And while they look adorable on children, it can be a struggle to keep them on. How often have you wondered over how to keep your kids from ripping them off? Well, here are just a few things that might persuade them to keep wearing them!

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July 11, 2008

Buying wholesale is the only way to go!

Why would you want to pay retail prices for sunglasses when you can buy them wholesale?

Retail for designer styled sunglasses you could pay from $10 – $35 for non brand sunglasses.  Brand named ones go from $50 & up.  When buying wholesale you will purchase them by the dozen, 12 pair in a dozen.  Did you know you can purchase the same sunglasses sold in stores wholesale for around $20 per dozen.  Yes thats right only $1.66 per pair.  Learn more how to purchase wholesale today!

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