May 24, 2013

How To Focus On Local Promotions

How To Focus On Local Promotions

There are a number of factors that can make or break a promotion, be it on a national or local level. From the way the promotion is marketed, right down to the call to action. If you don't have a personal understanding of your customer base, and more specifically their demographic, than your promotion may not be as successful as you are hoping for it to be.

If you are planning on focusing on a local promotion the following guidelines will help to ensure that it is a successful one:

Test Your Promotion
The first, and probably most important aspect to running a successful promotion is to test it. Not only do you want to test where you run the promotion, i.e. local print, radio, television, or internet, but you should also test a few different messages and offers to see which works best. On the base level, a successful promotion should not only increase sales, but should also provide you with data to help you further understand your potential customers and what motivates them to purchase your product or service.

Use Strong Visuals
Another important aspect to a successful promotion relies heavily on the use of strong visuals. Customers rely on their visual perceptions when it comes to determining the quality of a product or service. So in order to be successful, your promotional materials should be able to relay the quality of your products through the images you use.

Have A Clear Call To Action
The next most important feature of a successful local promotion is having a clear call to action. With your promotion you want to make sure you that you don't give too much notice and that the offer doesn't last too long. The idea is to create a sense of urgency that will drive traffic into your store. This should be represented on all your local distribution channels. From local newspaper ads right down to your social media channels such as your Facebook page and twitter feed.

Promote Locally Through Social Media
The internet has become a much stronger source of influencing potential customers to purchase your products, be it through an upcoming local promotion or just an everyday customer acquisition. In order to be successful for both you have to ensure that you have a strong online presence. Not only will this help you to get the word on a local promotion, but it will also help you to gain the trust that is needed as an expert in your field, whether it is selling doodads or fixing widgets. As mentioned in the point above, Facebook and twitter are two prime examples of channels that customers use to get information about local products and services, but these are not the only ones. You should also monitor review sites, such as Yelp for example, and make sure you are addressing any customer concerns or complaints as they arise.

In summary, if you test and track your promotional message locally, use strong visuals to entice customers, have a clear call to action, and have a strong social media presence then when it comes time to focus on local promotions you will definitely be a step above the competition.

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